An escalation path requires at least one level. You can add up to six levels to each path.

To add escalation levels:

  1. Right-click the path and select Level > Insert or select the path and choose Escalation > Level > Insert. The Insert Level dialog box appears.

    If the escalation path already contains a level, you can control where the new level is inserted:

    • To insert a new level at the end of the path, select the box at the end of the path to insert the level.

      • To insert a level before an existing level, select the level that you want to insert the new level in front of to insert the level.

  2. Specify the duration of the level by typing a number and selecting the time unit from the list box.

  3. Select automated tools from the Available Tools list and move them to the Invoked Tools list. Tools are invoked immediately after a notification reaches this level. Chapter 8, “Tool Configuration for the Global Manager,” includes information on creating tools.

  4. Click OK to close the Insert Level dialog box.

    The new level appears in the escalation path.

  5. Repeat these steps for each level in the escalation path.

  6. When the path is complete, click Apply to save the changes to the Global Manager.

  7. Repeat this procedure for each escalation path in the escalation policy.

    After you finish an escalation policy, you can enable one or more of its paths.