You can edit the description, target class, priority, and matching criteria of a selective group. Similar to creating a group, you must attach to Global Manager with administrative privileges and select Groups from the Configure menu.

You can edit all the properties of a group before applying the changes. However, if you select another group before clicking Apply, your changes are not applied. In this case, the console displays a dialog box asking if you want to abandon the changes that have not been applied.

To edit the properties of a selective group:

  1. Select the group whose properties you want to edit.

    The properties of the group appear in the right panel of the Group Definition window.

    The description and target class of the group appear under the Properties tab.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To change the target class, select a class from the pop-up menu.

      • To change the description, edit the text in the Description text box.

  3. Select the Priority tab to change the priority of the group.

  4. Select the Matching Criteria tab to change the matching pattern of the group.

  5. Click Apply. If you change the target class, priority, or matching criteria, you also need to click Regroup.