To avoid losing escalations, consider retiring the path. Retiring an escalation path allows all notifications with a Last Notify time earlier than the retirement time to enter or continue escalation through the path. The path will not escalate any notifications with later Last Notify times.

To retire an escalation path:

  1. Select the escalation policy in the administration tree of the Global Manager Administration Console. The policy appears in the Escalation Policy Configuration panel.

  2. Select the appropriate path by clicking a level in the path. The level changes color indicating it is selected.

  3. From the Escalation menu, select Path > Retire. The Confirm Disable dialog box appears.

  4. Click Yes to retire the path. All levels in the path change color (to one shade of blue) indicating the path is retired.

  5. Click Apply to send the change to the Global Manager.

  6. After checking the retired path to determine whether any notifications are being escalated, disable or remove the path.