Notification lifecycle auditing feature helps you identify any kind of delay in the event or notification processing lifecycle. If this feature is enabled the audit log includes additional information such as the time spent by a notification in a hook script, in addition to notify, refresh impact, NOTIF processing, change and clear events.

Auditing entries are displayed for the following stages of event or notification processing:

  • Notification creation and updating of notification attributes

  • Topology element linking

  • Hook script invocation

  • Impact and CausedBy relationship update

  • NOTIF processing

    The feature is disabled by default and can be manually enabled when required for that specific domain by setting the variable detailedEventAudit to TRUE.

    To enable notification lifecycle auditing, type the following command:

    #dmctl -s <SAM-Server> put InChargeDomain::InChargeDomain_<omain Name>::detailedEventAudit TRUE

    For example,

    #dmctl -s <SAM-Server> put InChargeDomain::InChargeDomain_INCHARGE-AM::detailedEventAudit TRUE

    The feature can be disabled for each domain by setting the parameter detailedEventAudit to FALSE using the same command:

    #dmctl -s <SAM-Server> put InChargeDomain::InChargeDomain_INCHARGE-AM::detailedEventAudit FALSE

    The values of the EventAudit and NotificationAudit flags in the DXA configuration files associated with the underlying domain are internally changed based on the value set for detailedEventAudit.


    VMware recommends that you use the variable detailedEventAudit to enable or disable notification lifecycle auditing. Modifying values in the DXA configuration files can cause a conflict and there is a chance that the value of detailedEventAudit will get overwritten when the event driver restarts.

    The audit trail has a size limit and is by default set to 100 entries. Defining system defaults section in the VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Configuration Guide describes the procedure to modify the default audit trial size limit.