User profiles provide a means by which an administrator can create and control the access and display of users who attach to the Global Manager through the Global Console, including the VMware Smart Assurance web console and the Business Dashboard. For example, an administrator can create one user profile for operators who monitor the network infrastructure and a second user profile for operators who monitor application performance. All user accounts for a Global Manager are associated with a user profile.

A user profile includes the following properties:

  • A notification list determines what notifications the Global Manager sends to the users.

  • One or more users defined for the Global Manager. You must also ensure that these users have access to the Global Manager through the serverConnect.conf security file. The VMware Smart Assurance System Administration Guide describes the configuration of security files.

  • Server or client tools that enable users to invoke programs in response to notifications. Server and client tools, which are optional, are separately assigned to user profiles.

  • One or more saved consoles that open when the user attaches to the Global Manager.

  • Console operations, which are user actions on the console and determine a user’s access privileges to various functions and commands provided by the Global Console.

    You can create user profiles with the Global Manager Administration Console or by using the sm_config utility. Chapter 11, “Importing and Exporting Configurations,” describes the sm_config utility.