This is an Optical Transport Manager (OTM) product-specific configuration in SAM, and hence not required to be carried out by other product users.

The SAM weights.conf file must be configured in the SAM installation area. After you install SAM, the following new, weights files are installed in SAM installation area:

  • <BASEDIR>smarts/conf/ics/weights.conf

  • <BASEDIR>smarts/conf/ics/weights-otm.conf


    The weights-otm.conf contains the names of the classes which need to be appended to weights.conf for Impact count calculation.

    1. Use sm_edit to open the <BASEDIR>smarts/conf/ics/weights.conf and the <BASEDIR>smarts/conf/ics/weights-otm.conf.

    2. Copy the following configuration items from <BASEDIR>/smarts/conf/ics/weights-otm.conf:

      • ClassWeight OpticalNetworkElement 0

      • NotificationClassWeight HighOrder_Circuit 1

      • NotificationClassWeight LowOrder_Circuit 1

      • NotificationClassWeight ClientCircuit 1

      • NotificationClassCheck TopologicalLink

      • NotificationClassCheck DropSideTopologicalLink

      • NotificationClassCheck BBFiberLink

      • NotificationClassCheck BBTopologicalLink

      • NotificationClassCheck BBDropSideTopologicalLink

      • NotificationClassCheck Equipment

      • NotificationClassCheck Card

      • NotificationClassCheck EquipmentProtectionGroup

      • NotificationClassCheck FiberLink

      • NotificationClassCheck FiberBundle

      • NotificationClassCheck OpticalNetworkElement

      • NotificationClassCheck HighOrder_Trail

      • NotificationClassCheck LowOrder_Trail

      • NotificationClassCheck Transponder

      • NotificationClassCheck Amplifier

      • NotificationClassCheck PTP

      • NotificationClassCheck Conduit

    3. Paste the configuration items to <BASEDIR>/conf/ics/weights.conf.

    4. Save and close conf/ics/weights.conf.

    5. Close conf/ics/weights-otm.conf without saving.

      VMware Smart Assurance Optical Transport Management Installation Guide provides detailed instructions on installing OTM.