Two notification lists, Default and Maintenance, are included with the Global Manager and defined in the ics-default.xml file. The Default notification list is used by the default-profile, admin-profile, and oper-profile user profiles. If a user profile is disabled, users of that profile are assigned the Default user profile, which includes the notification list.

The Default notification list uses an expression filter that specifies the following conditions:

  • Matches any notification in which the value of the Owner attribute is not maint.

  • Matches any notification in which the value of Owner attribute is not SYSTEM.

    A notification must match both conditions before it is sent to a client. The Maintenance notification list does not specify a filter. Because of this, it matches all notifications.

    “About the predefined user profilesâ€� on page 47 describes the purpose of the default notification lists and how they are incorporated into the default user profiles.