To change the tools or duration of a level in an enabled escalation path:

  1. Select the escalation policy name in the administration tree. The policy appears in the Configure Escalation Policy panel of the Global Manager Administration Console.

  2. Right-click the level you want to modify and select Level > Edit Properties. The Edit Level dialog box appears.

  3. Change the Duration or Invoked Tools:

    • Type a new value for Duration and select the units from the list box.

      • Change the Invoked Tools list:

        • Select a tool in the Invoked Tools list and click ® (right arrow) to remove it.

        • Select a tool in the Available Tools list and click ¬ (the left arrow) to move the tool to the Invoked Tools list.


           If a tool is not available, you can create the tool by clicking Tool Wizard. Chapter 8, “Tool Configuration for the Global Manager,” includes information on creating automated tools.

  4. Click OK to close the Edit Level dialog box. The changes to the level appear in the path.

  5. Click Apply to send the change to the Global Manager.