A filter screens incoming notifications by comparing a set of defined criteria against the attributes of a notification or ICIM class. Values that match the criteria pass through the filter. Filters are used to configure:

  • Notification lists — “Notification lists” on page 52 provides additional information.

  • Context and Status Criteria of client and server tools — “Context and Status Criteria for client and server tools” on page 151 provides additional information.

  • Escalation paths and policies — “Developing escalation policies” on page 166 provides additional information.

    You can define two types of filters: an expression filter or an ASL filter. You create an expression filter using the Filter Builder, which is described in the next section. An ASL filter, specified in the ASL Filter checkbox of the Filter Builder, is defined in a separate ASL file. “ASL filters” on page 186 provides more information about creating ASL filters.