A notification list determines what notifications a user sees in the Global Console. Changing the notification list associated with a user profile affects all the users of this profile.

The Default notification list filters out notifications where the value of the Owner attribute is maint. When the user maint takes ownership of a notification, that notification is removed from the display of users assigned the Default notification list.

There is a difference between taking ownership of a notification and acknowledging a notification. If a notification is:

  • Owned and acknowledged and then recurs, the ownership and acknowledgement values are cleared in the new notification.

  • Owned but not acknowledged and the notification recurs, the ownership is maintained and the recurring notification is also filtered from the operator’s display.

    “Notification listsâ€� on page 52 describes the properties of the default notification lists.

    To change the notification list for a user profile, select a new notification list from the Notification List menu. “Notification list parameters” on page 53 describes how to use the Notification List Wizard to create a notification list.