Notification polling provides better performance over a simple Notification transfer. T o enable Notification polling, set the new Console property com.smarts.disableHyperNotification to FALSE by typing the following in the command line prompt:

sm_gui -Dcom.smarts.disableHyperNotification=False

By default, this property is set to FALSE making Notification polling the default form of receiving notification updates.

Notifications are fetched in bulk at regular intervals. This interval can be changed by setting the environment variable, SM_SAM_TO_SAM_HYPER_NOTIF_SLEEP in the file. The default value for SM_SAM_TO_SAM_HYPER_NOTIF_SLEEP parameter is 10. Setting the value to 5 will reduce the interval for fetching notifications and any mismatch in notification timestamp in a hierarchical environment.

For example, to set an interval of 5 seconds, add the following line in the file: