The Global Manager can apply tags to both topology elements and notifications. The Global Manager finds matching elements by comparing the matching pattern against the Name and DisplayName attributes of both topology elements and notifications from the relevant underlying domain. If they match the filter, both are applied to the tag. Additionally, a notification on a matching instance will cause the Name, DisplayName, InstanceDisplayName, and InstanceName of the notification to be tagged.

As a result, you should construct a matching pattern to match the values of attributes you want tagged. For topology elements, this can include the Name and DisplayName attributes. For notifications, this can include the DisplayName, InstanceDisplayName, and InstanceName attributes.

For example, the pattern IP*-172.16.*|172.16.* could match the following:

  • Elements of the IPNetwork class, which are prefixed with “IPNET-”. For IPNET-, the following would result:

    • DisplayName of [tag-3]

    • Name of IPNET-

  • Elements of the system classes, such as Host, that are named using the system’s IP address. For host, the following would result:

    • DisplayName of [tag-3]

    • Name of

  • Notifications generated for these elements would also be tagged. For a Host Down notification, the following would result:

    • DisplayName of Host Down 100%: [tag-3]

    • InstanceDisplayName of [tag-3]

    • InstanceName of


      If the system is named by its hostname, this matching pattern would not apply.