The HierarchicalGroupManager instance maintains relationships with HierarchicalGroups and SelectiveGroups. SelectiveGroups are created using SAM console and HierarchicalGroups are created from configuration files. Once HierarchicalGroupManager instance is purged, the group instances are not visible since the relationship information is lost even though group instances are present in the repository.

To recreate SelectiveGroups, run the following command:

./sm_adapter -s INCHARGE-linux ics/ics-restore-selectivegroup.asl

In case of HierarchicalGroup instances, perform the following steps to recreate them:

  1. In the Global Manager Administration Console, expand INCHARGE-SA > ICS Configuration and click Business Templates.

  2. Click Modify List on the Configure “Business Templates” screen.

  3. On the Edit Business Template dialog-box, select a template from Selected Template Files and remove it.

  4. From Available Template Files, add the template you just removed.

  5. Click OK on the Edit Business Template dialog-box.

  6. Click Apply on the Configure “Business Templates” screen.

  7. Start the group driver by running the following command:

    dmctl -s INCHARGE-SA invoke GA_DaemonDriver::ICS-Group-Driver start