An administrator with appropriate privileges can add or remove a custom icon to a class of elements or to individual elements. A custom icon can be used to customize maps for your organization and to meet the needs of your operators.

The Global Console includes a default set of icons for all ICIM elements. Icons can be associated with classes or instances.

If an icon is not associated specifically with a class, the icon for the parent class is used; this is the derived icon. In addition, the icon for a given class could be associated multiple levels up in the class hierarchy.

The set of icons shipped with the console does not include one icon for each class. The derived icon (from the parent class) is used for those classes that do not have a specific icon assigned to them.

You can use two methods to assign icons to class or instances:

  • Use the Edit Map Icons operation in either the Global Manager Administration Console or the Map Console.

  • Use the sm_config utility to specify the name of the map icon specification file. Appendix C, “XML Reference,” describes how to assign map icons using sm_config.


    Map icon text defaults to Helvetica 12 point. You can customize the map icon text. “Adjusting Java properties” in the VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Operator Guide provides detailed information.