The timeout (default timeoutTopoValue) parameterdefines the default timeout to be applied to the front end and back end to which this driver is connected. If multiple drivers are connected, the maximum value across all of them defines the default. The timeout is always in seconds. A value of 0, requests no timeout. The value cannot be negative. If multiple drivers connect to the same front end or back end, a value of 0 requesting no timeout can be replaced by a non-zero value. If you want to force there to be no timeout, set the timeout to some very large value. For instance, you may leave the timeout value at the default value of 600 seconds. When the topodriver calls the remote server, it waits for 600 seconds to receive a response from the server. During topology synchronization if for some reason the underlying source domain stops responding to SAM, after a wait of 600 seconds, SAM will time-out and resume topology synchronization after the next topology discovery cycle.

The TimeOutTopo <n> parameter is present in the dxa configuration file of the corresponding domain (for example, dxa-sam.conf for SAM domains). The timeout value can be modified in the corresponding underlying domain dxa configuration file.