This XML sample describes a policy called Policy-Host The expression filter indicates that all notifications pertaining to the ICIM class of Host will be entered into the policy.

There is one escalation path defined called path1. An expression filter at the path level determines that only notifications with a Trouble Ticket ID are escalated.

The escalation actions open a trouble ticket for the notification after 60 minutes, then follows up with an email after another 30 minutes:

<policyconfig name="Policy-Host" timestamp="0">
 <filterconfig type="EXPRESSION">
  <criterion attribute="ClassName">Host</criterion>
 <pathconfig enable="TRUE" name="path1" retire="FALSE"> 
  <retireTime>0</retireTime> <enableTime>0</enableTime> 
  <filterconfig type="EXPRESSION"> 
   <criterion attribute="TroubleTicketID"> </criterion> 
  </filterconfig> <escalationlevel interval="1800" level="0"> 
  </escalationlevel> <escalationlevel interval="900" level="1"> 
  <action type="auto">Open Trouble Ticket</action> 
  </escalationlevel> <escalationlevel interval="900" level="2"> 
  <action type="auto">Email Manager</action> </escalationlevel>