Default configuration settings for the Global Manager are shipped in BASEDIR/smarts/conf/ics in a file called ics-default.xml. This file requires the Document Type Definition (DTD), which must be in the same directory. The name of the DTD is ics-config.dtd.

The ics-default.xml file is only used when the Global Manager is started without a repository (*.rps) file. It creates the default repository objects if none are defined in the repository. For example, the ics-default.xml file creates the default notification lists if there are no notification lists found in the repository.

The ics-default.xml file also reads:

  • The console_operations.xml file

    The console_operations.xml file resides in the BASEDIR/smarts/conf/ics directory. This file requires a DTD, consoleoper-config.dtd. The console_operations.xml file and the consoleoper-config.dtd must be stored in the same directory.

  • The map_gif.xml file

    The map_gif.xml file resides in the BASEDIR/smarts/conf/maps directory. This file also requires a DTD, map-config.dtd. The map_gif.xml file and the map-config.dtd must be stored in the same directory.

    If you start the Global Manager without a repository, the ics-default.xml file is read to instantiate the Global Manager with default configurations. These default configurations include objects which are added to the Global Manager. Objects included in each of the default XML files are:

  • ics-default.xml

    • Business Templates:



    • Domains:




      • INCHARGE-AM2


      • NCM





    • Notification Lists:

      • Default

      • Maintenance

    • Server Tools:

      • Clear Business Process Event

      • Disable BypassPropogateNotifications

      • Disable Maintenance Tracking

      • Enable BypassPropogateNotifications

      • Enable Maintenance Tracking

      • Import XML Configuration

      • Import XML Domain Configuration

      • Notify Business Process Event

      • Sample - Close Trouble Ticket

      • Sample - Open Trouble Ticket

      • Sample - Ping-all

      • Sample - Ping-device

      • Sample - Ping-Interface

      • Sample - Ping-IP

      • Sample - Telnet

      • Show Storage Impacts

      • Update Business Process Event

    • Client Tools:

      • Report Manager

      • Launch Web Browser

      • Dump Properties

      • Ping

    • User Profiles:

      • admin-profile

      • default-profile

      • maint-profile

      • oper-profile

    • Users:

      • admin

      • default

      • maint

      • oper

  • console_operations.xml

    The console_operations.xml file contains configuration information related to console operations. This file cannot be modified.

  • map_gif.xml

    The map_gif.xml file sets the default image file that is used as a map icon for ICIM classes. This file cannot be modified.