SAM performance throughput report provides users with information on notifications processed, notified, cleared and changed within a specified time interval. The report explains the possible slowdown in SAM performance and provides a better view into the health of SAM. The report, referred to as the <SAM-SERVER-NAME>.perf file, is available under the <BASEDIR>/smarts/local/logs directory.

This report provides information on notification processing attributes such as:

  • Average notification processing time

  • Average impact refresh calculation time

  • Number of topology synchronizations that have occurred during the default monitoring duration

  • Average time for processing hook files

  • Number of connected events

  • Number of disconnect events

  • Number of suspended events

  • Number of cleared events

  • Number of timer alarms

  • Number of events with heart beats

  • Number of rejected events

  • Number of accepted events

  • Number of notified events

  • Average time taken to push an event to the NOTIF processing queue

    The monitoring period for the report is controlled by the PERF_ARCHIVE_INTERVAL environment variable. The default time interval for this variable is set to 3600 seconds (that is, one hour). At an interval of every one hour, the above mentioned performance statistics are written to the <SAM-SERVER-NAME>.perf file.

    Each record in the file is in the following format:

    <DATA-TIME> - <DOMAIN-MANAGER-NAME> : Performance metrics

    Provided below is an example of the SAM performance throughput report:

     December 19, 2011 4:23:19 PM GMT+05:30 - VMware Smart-IT : Avg_NotificationProcess_Time = 0      Avg_ImpactRefresh_Time = 0      No_Toposync = 0 Property_Control = 0Attrib_Change = 0        Connect = 0     Suspend = 0     Clear = 0       Avg_HookFileProcess_Time = 0    Avg_NotifProcess_Time = 0       Timer_Alarm = 60    Disconnect = 0   Heart_Beat = 0  Reject = 0      Accept = 0      Notify = 0      Total_Count = 60

    You can modify the default time interval set for the PERF_ARCHIVE_INTERVAL environment variable in the ics-event-processing.asl and the ics-nl-processing.asl files. These files are located under the <BASEDIR>/local/rules/ics folder or the <BASEDIR>/rules/ics folder. The modification must be carried out in both the ics-event-processing.asl and the ics-nl-processing.asl files. Use the sm_edit utility to modify the values to these files. For example:

                   BASEDIR/smarts/bin>sm_edit ../rules/ics/ics-event-processing.asl

    You must reconfigure the domain for the changes to take effect.