You can save a console to one of the following locations on the host where the Global Manager is running:

  • Use BASEDIR/smarts/local/consoles for all users.

  • Use BASEDIR/smarts/local/consoles/<user> for a specific user.

  • Use BASEDIR/smarts/local/consoles/<user_profile> for all users assigned a specific user profile.


    The BASEDIR/smarts/local/consoles/<user_profile> directory must be manually created by the administrator.

    When a console is saved by selecting File > Save As > Save Remote As, the console is saved to the BASEDIR/smarts/local/consoles/<USER> directory, where <USER> is the VMware Smart Assurance username. Users cannot see or open the consoles saved in another user’s directory unless it is manually copied into:

  • Their own console directory.

  • The BASEDIR/smarts/local/consoles directory.

  • The BASEDIR/smarts/local/consoles/<user_profile> directory that corresponds to the user profile associated with their username.