A Global Manager imports topology information from the underlying domains specified for all enabled domains. To maintain an up-to-date representation topology, the Global Manager synchronizes its topology with an underlying domain when any one of the following occurs:

  • The underlying domain is reconnected after a connection loss or a restart.

  • The Global Manager is started.

  • The underlying domain performs a full or incremental discovery, rediscovers an object, or a manual discovery is initiated.

  • A change is made to the configuration of the underlying domains. When the Global Manager is reconfigured, it automatically synchronizes its topology with the updated underlying domains.

    Topology synchronization consists of the following two parts:

  • Import of raw topology data from remote domains – This involves retrieving of raw data from the domain and creating topology elements and relationships. If topology and relationships already exist, no action is taken.

  • Post processing – This involves reconciliation of the SAM topology. SAM maintains an internal data structure to keep track of topology elements imported from underlying domains which allows SAM to identify and purge topology objects and relationships which no longer exists in the underlying domains.