To open the Global Manager Administration Console:

From the Global Console, select Configure > Global Manager Administration Console.

The Global Administration Console is divided into two panes with a navigation tree in the left panel and a configuration panel in the right panel. Selecting an element in the tree displays content in the configuration panel. At the top level of the tree is the Global Manager you are configuring. Listed under the Global Manager are five elements configured through the console; Escalation Policies, Notification Lists, Tools, User profiles, and Users. Listed under each element are any instances of these elements. For example, the users default and maint are listed under the Users element.

To modify the icons displayed in the map consoles, from the Global Manager Administration Console, select Configure > Edit Map Icons.

The configuration of the Global Manager is stored in its repository file. Chapter 11, “Importing and Exporting Configurations,” describes how to configure a Global Manager using the sm_config utility.