A Global Manager imports topology information. Because the topology information comes from disparate sources, it is important that the Global Manager present a correct and consistent representation of the topology. This is especially true when two or more domains manage the same devices.

Newer versions of VMware Smart Assurance applications include an expanded and updated list of certified devices. This may mean that a device classified as Uncertified or Node by an older version of the VMware Smart Assurance software is classified as a Router or Switch by a newer version of the software. For best results, upgrade existing VMware Smart Assurance applications to the most recent version. If that is not possible, use the same version of the software for all the underlying applications.

Two issues can arise when the Global Manager receives inconsistent topology information:

  • The Global Manager imports information about two or more devices with the same name but the devices are classified differently in their respective underlying domains.

  • The Global Manager imports the same device from two or more underlying domains but the device is named differently in each underlying domain.


    The Global Manager does not import instances of the Unsupported and Undiscovered classes. However, the topology of a Global Manager may include instances, such as Hosts, with a value of Undiscovered for their Certification attribute.