Exporting the repository objects to XML enables you to view the current configurations of your Global Manager. Exporting configuration-related objects from one Global Manager in XML and then importing them to a second Global Manager allows you to duplicate configurations between Global Managers.

Before exporting, you need to know the name of the appropriate Manager and the location (host and port) of the broker. Exporting produces an XML representation of the current configurations for your notification lists, users, user profiles, tools, escalation policies, and map icons. By default, the XML file is created in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/ics directory.

To export the repository object configurations, use the following command syntax:

tsm_config -s <Global_Manager_Name>
          --broker=<host:port> export <file_name>.xml s 

For example, to create an XML file called Current_Configuration.xml containing the repository objects in the INCHARGE-SA Global Manager on the host and port MyHost:426, the following command is used:

t sm_config -s INCHARGE-SA 
          --broker=MyHost:426 export Current_Configuration.xml s

“Importing XML files to the Global Managerâ€� on page 197 provides detailed information on importing the XML file.