When reconciliation of SAM topology and import of topology from other underlying domains are in progress at the same time, a growth in memory is observed.

During topology synchronisation in SAM, a separate thread is created for synchronization of each domain. Whenever topology changes in the underlying domains, topology synchronization is triggered by SAM to keep local SAM topology in synchronization with the topology in the underlying domains. The underlying domain updates the lastProbeFinishedAt attribute of ICF_TopologyManager whenever there is a change in topology. SAM subscribes to the attribute and when the attribute is updated after a topology change (like discovery in AM), SAM triggers topology synchronization with underlying domain. Each time topology synchronization is triggered, classes mentioned in dxa configuration are imported from underlying domains and SAM topology is reconciled. In other words, topology synchronization is always full and not incremental in nature.

Topology Synchronization can be run in the following three modes:

  • Concurrent Synchronization – This is the default mode.

  • Serial Synchronization – This can be enabled by setting SM_ENABLE_SERIAL_SYNCS=TRUE in runcmd_env.sh

  • Fixed Interval – This disables topology synchronization and invokes drivers at regular interval.