The following example illustrates the format of an ASL filter used to filter context and status criteria for client and server tools. It filters for notifications with an EventName attribute Failure.

The name of the object is assigned to the variable ObjectName. If the value of ObjectName is Failure, the value of Result is set to TRUE and the notification passes the filter, as illustrated in the following code sample:

START do {
 timeNow = object(ObjectName)->nowString
 if (glob("*1<0-1>:*:* AM*|*<1-5>:*:* PM*|*12:*:* PM*", timeNow)) 
  Result = "TRUE";
  Result = "FALSE";

To apply the ASL filter:

  1. Open the filter builder.

  2. Click Use ASL Script.

  3. Type the name of the ASL script.