By default, the SAM audit log performs an audit and logs SAM functions in the .audit file without filtering. When logging of client actions is enabled, the audit log provides information about client actions that changed the state of the server, such as put, insert, remove or delete requests. The audit ignores requests for information that do not change the state of the server, for example, get requests.

Many operations do not change the state of a server, and hence do not need to be logged or audited. The conf/ics/sam-audit-filter.import file contains a list of operations that are known to not change the state of the server. If a new operation is added that does not change the state of the server or if you do not want a particular operation logged, then the operation may be added to the file to suppress logging that operation when it is invoked. Each operation to be suppressed is listed on a separate line as a string containing the class name, two colons, and the operation name.

In order to exclude redundant functions from the .audit file, a filtering criteria is available. To exclude functions from the audit log, add them to the conf/ics/sam-audit-filter.import file. After the file is updated, restart SAM.