Users who attach to a Global Manager, whether through the Global Console, the web console, or a web browser, must have a user account. Each user account, in turn, is associated with a user profile. A user profile defines the console operations a user can perform, the tools the user can invoke, and the notifications displayed to the user. The VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Configuration Guide provides detailed information about user profiles.

If a user attaches to a Global Manager using both the Global Console and a web browser, the same user profile can apply for both connections.

When you save a viewlet, you can save it to a user’s directory or a user profile directory. In both cases, the directory is located in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/consoles directory on the host where the Global Manager is running. Dashboard viewlets saved to a user’s directory are only accessible to that user. The name of a user’s directory is the same as the username. Dashboard viewlets saved to a user profile directory are accessible by any user associated with that user profile. The name of the user profile directory is the same as the user profile name.

You must create the user profiles and user accounts before you can save a viewlet to a user’s directory or a user profile.