Each viewlet type is specified in an HTML page, with slight variations specified in separate HTML pages. Each sample combines several viewlets, which are displayed in a single HTML page through the use of HTML frames.

To ensure that the HTML pages that specify a viewlet display properly on all supported platforms and web browsers, VMware, Inc. has processed the HTML pages using Java Plug-in HTML Converter. The Java Plug-in Converter converts an HTML page that specifies Java applet to a form that can be processed by a web browser using the Java Plug-in.

Because the converted HTML files are not easily read, both the original HTML file and the converted files are included. For example, the original file for the Notification Log viewlets is named NotificationsAppOrig.html. The converted files, which are used to display the viewlet, have names such as NotificationsApp1.html.

To view the samples in a web browser, the VMware Smart Assurance Servlet Engine must be installed and running. You can open the following URL in your web browser, appending the filename specified for each sample. For example, if the VMware Smart Assurance Servlet Engine is running on host1, you can view sample 1, by opening the following URL:


In addition, you also can find all the sample viewlets in BASEDIR\smarts\tomcat\webapps\templates\