As you install VMware Smart Assurance applications, configure each application before installing the next application. The following installation order is recommended:

  1. Broker (normally installed and configured when the first VMware Smart Assurance components are installed)

  2. A Global Console to use to verify the installation of other applications

  3. Underlying domains (IP Availability Manager, IP Performance Manager, Network Protocol Manager and so on) with associated adapters

  4. Global Manager which includes Business Impact Manager, if licensed

  5. Adapter Platform

  6. VMware Smart Assurance Adapters (that use Adapter Platform as a server)

  7. Global Consoles for end users

    To ease troubleshooting of the initial deployment, install limited segments of the deployment first. Always configure and validate a segment before installing the next segment.

    By default, all VMware Smart Assurance applications are installed as services and are started immediately after installation. During deployment, you should set the services to start manually until your installation, configuration, and validation are complete.