When defining trap forwarding, traps required by underlying VMware Smart Assurance domains are already defined in the trapd.conf file. The only change that you must configure is to specify the specific destination hosts and ports where the domains listen for traps. This change is only necessary in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/trapd/trapd.conf file for the trap exploder instance of the SNMP Trap Adapter (Receiver).

Always try to minimize the volume of traps that are forwarded from the trap exploder to the second instance of the SNMP Trap Adapter. If network administrators do not use the traps, discard them by sending them to a nonexistent address. Judicious forwarding of traps can reduce or eliminate stressful trap processing loads. Deployment administrators should be aware of how traps are discarded so that they can choose to discard other useless traps as their experience with the network grows.

Each trap that is transformed into a notification will require an entry in the trap_mgr.conf file. If an entry does not exist, the trap should not be forwarded to the second instance of the SNMP Trap Adapter.