Based on the complexity of the deployment, a solution architecture diagram may actually be a set of diagrams documenting various levels of the architecture.

The diagram relates the information that you gather on the environment to both physical and logical choices for your architecture in an easily understood manner. This diagram illustrates your design choices and will be an important part of the review and approval process for your design.

The solution architecture diagram should always include:

  • Necessary information about the managed network and application environment

  • A logical representation of the VMware Smart Assurance components that will be installed

  • Locations for each component including the name and IP address of the host and the geographical location of the host

  • Connections between components and the ports that are used for communications

  • Connections, including port numbers, between VMware Smart Assurance components and external sources such as networks and third-party software products

    This diagram cannot be completed until the design is complete and deployed, so recommendations for adding information to the diagram appear throughout this guide.