Each chapter in this guide includes a checklist. “Design and Deployment Checklists” contains all available checklists.

Table 1. Client and user design checklist






Define functional groups for users.

List the broad functional groups that users will belong to and then define the needs and duties of each group. Add this information to the deployment build guide.

“Determining the Global Manager users”

Choose appropriate VMware Smart Assurance clients for users.

VMware Smart Assurance consoles have different capabilities. For each type of user and their equipment, you must determine which console is most appropriate. Document your choices in the deployment build guide.

“Choose a console for types of users”

Define how you will implement security for user groups.

When defining the functional categories for users, consider VMware Smart Assurance’s security implementation. Document the implementation in the deployment build guide.

“Users and security”

Define the notification lists in VMware Smart Assurance user profiles.

The Notification List determines which notifications are sent from the Global Manager to the VMware Smart Assurance client. Carefully define the Notification Lists, as they can affect Global Manager performance. Document the notification list provided for each user profile in the deployment build guide.

“Designing notification lists”

Design console operations access.

Most operations that can be performed at the VMware Smart Assurance clients can be individually enabled or disabled in the user profiles. Document the access provided for each user profile in the deployment build guide.

“Designing consoles”

Design console layouts.

Specific console layouts can be saved and automatically provided to match user needs at the Global Console, Web Console, and Business Dashboard. Document the console layout used in each user profile in the deployment build guide.

“Designing consoles”

Design client and server tools.

Define the necessary tools that users must access and the levels of programming skills required to create the tools. Document this information and tools provided by each user profile in the deployment build guide.

“Planning for tools and tool deployment”