To monitor the throughput of notifications by a Global Manager, you can implement a mechanism to create heartbeat notifications. These notifications are generated in Domain Managers or Adapter Platforms on a periodic basis. The notifications are propagated from the lower level domains to the Global Manager or through multiple levels of Global Manager.

A custom adapter listens for these notifications at the Global Manager. The custom adapter monitors the rate of receipt of the notifications from each of the underlying domains.

If a notification is not received within a predetermined period after it is generated, appropriate personnel are alerted automatically for further investigation. This investigation would entail determining if there is a consistent delay from either of the following:

  • One particular VMware Smart Assurance domain: If the delay is from one domain, analyze the domain. Consult the appropriate deployment guide for the domain.

  • All VMware Smart Assurance domains: If the delay is from all domains, analyze the Global Manager. Analyze the Global Manager memory usage, queues, and topology synchronizations as described in this chapter.

    The heartbeat notifications must be filtered so that they are not displayed in the Global Consoles. This would add an unnecessary burden to the Global Console users. Configure the notifications lists to eliminate the heartbeat notifications.

    VMware Smart Assurance Global Services or Professional Services can aid in deploying heartbeat notifications for monitoring.