After the design is complete, the next stage is installing and configuring VMware Smart Assurance components. This stage is usually broken down into deployment phases where related components are installed and configured together. Each installed and configured phase is validated individually as described in the next stage of the deployment process. This phased approach eases troubleshooting.

Many organizations have specific procedural requirements that must be met before and during installation of new software products in their production environments. These requirements might include lab installations with performance validations and pre-production deployments. Lab configurations usually require the use of a testbed that is configured and equipped similarly to the production environment. Before deployment in the production environment, acceptance tests may be performed. After the production deployment, the lab or testbed may be used to test upgrades and, if required, patches.

Though this guide cannot cover organization-specific requirements, it does provide guidelines that may aid you in responding to these conditions.

Deploying Service Assurance, provides information on installing and configuring the software. The deployment information, including software locations and all configuration choices, should be recorded in the deployment build guide. Normally, this stage is performed by the purchaser of the deployment and either VMware Smart Assurance Professional Services or an VMware Smart Assurance partner.