Integrating third-party software products with VMware Smart Assurance software requires the use of VMware Smart Assurance adapters. Most integrations do one of the following:

  • Exchange information. Determine the exact type of information (topology or events) that must be exchanged with any third-party software products.

  • Allow access to the third-party software from the Global Console. Some VMware Smart Assurance adapters provide this capability as the Server Tools functionality. For example, both the VMware Smart Assurance Adapter for InfoVista and VMware Smart Assurance Adapter for Concord eHealth allow users at the Global Console to access reports from these products.

    VMware, Inc. has developed many adapters for use with VMware Smart Assurance software that may already support the integration requirements of your deployment. Itemize the integration requirements so that the suitability of existing VMware Smart Assurance adapters can be assessed by VMware Smart Assurance Professional Services. This guide specifically covers the integration capabilities provided by the VMware Smart Assurance SNMP Trap Adapter (Receiver). This guide also addresses the basic information for other adapters.