The Topology Browser Console enables operations personnel to display the managed topology in a tree format and traverse the topology. The console displays Domain Managers as well as Global Managers. For the selected managed domain, the console displays the classes of elements, instances of each class, and their relationships. Specified elements, a circle (on UNIX systems), can be expanded into instances, properties, or relationships.

When an element in the topology tree is selected, the console displays a corresponding property sheet with tabs for Attributes, Events, and Groups. The tabs, where applicable, include the following information:

  • Attributes — Provides general information about the selected element

  • Events — For a selected Global Manager, displays the active events that Service Assurance may notify for the element

  • Groups — Provides the current group membership of the element

    In addition, the Topology Browser Console provides the Browse Detail menu option. When an element in the topology tree is selected, Browse Detail displays a list of all underlying managed domains that contain that element in their topology. Users can select an underlying managed domain and display it in another Topology Browser view. For hierarchical Service Assurance deployments, users can select Browse Detail as many times as necessary to navigate to the desired domain. Note that Browse Detail is also available for selected notifications in the Notification Log Console and for selected map icons and edges in the Map Console.