This chapter provides an architectural overview of VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager( Service Assurance), the Service Assurance Manageradapters, and the Service Assurancemodules ( VMware Smart Assurance Business Impact Manager, Global Console, and Business Dashboard) that can be implemented to extend the capabilities of Service Assurance.

VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manageris a solution for managing the technology infrastructure that supports business services. As the cornerstone of network operations management, it provides integrated, unified, and individualized views of the systems, network infrastructure, applications, and business entities that comprise the managed domain.

Service Assurance Managerimports topology and event information from the underlying managed domains (distributed management applications), consolidates the information, and interprets problems in the context of their impact on business services. Service Assuranceprovides operations personnel with meaningful information with which automated corrective actions can be associated.

The Service Assurancemodules provide the capabilities to calculate the business impact of infrastructure problems, to produce a wide variety of operational and management reports, and to display customer-specific information to a given enterprise or service provider customer through a secure channel.

This chapter contains the following information: