VMware Smart Assurance solutions are designed for rapid deployment and low maintenance. Unlike other management solutions, VMware Smart Assurance software’s comprehensive set of problem and impact models automatically adapt to the configuration of the network infrastructure — providing immediate results. This same adaptability enables VMware Smart Assurance solutions to automatically keep pace with future changes in the infrastructure without the need for expensive ongoing code maintenance.

VMware Smart Assurance has the ability to automatically adapt to changes due to use of ICIM models that represent the various elements of the infrastructure, how they relate to one another, and how they can affect one another. VMware Smart Assurance solutions then apply these models to the discovered elements in a given network to provide problem and impact analysis specific to that network. Furthermore, customers who need additional functionality can leverage these models to build solutions that also adapt automatically to change.

This enables VMware Smart Assurance solutions to provide better return on investment than other management solutions. Benefits include:

  • Automatic adaptation reduces the head-count needed to maintain the management solution

  • Analysis that automatically adapts to changes in the environment and provides more accurate results, which reduces service downtime

  • More accurate analysis frees up expensive engineering resources to work on more strategic initiatives