An audit log is associated with each of the notifications that the VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager receives from the underlying VMware Smart Assurance applications. The audit log includes the following information:

  • Event

  • Time of the update

  • Name of the operations person or system that made the update

  • Type of audit entry

  • Description of the entry (for example, Notify, Clear, or Suspend)

    Service Assurance begins to create an audit log when it receives a notification, and relates the event to an infrastructure element. Thereafter, Service Assurance adds actions for the event, any program tools used for the event, and changes in the status of the event. Actions may include system actions such as archiving and user actions such as acknowledgement and ownership. Comments can be added directly to the audit log.

    An audit log for each notification can be viewed in an audit log dialog box using the Global Console, exported to spreadsheet applications, or printed as part of a report. All the audit log entries for individual notifications are stored in one log file on the Global Manager.