The Service Assurance Manager, also referred to as the Global Manager, is the Service Assurance component that serves as the central point for monitoring and managing your entire technology infrastructure by obtaining data from multiple distributed domains. The Global Manager communicates with the underlying distributed VMware Smart Assurance applications and abstracts and consolidates:

  • Network, system, application, and business resources

  • Results of domain-specific root-cause analysis

  • Results of domain-specific impact analysis

    The Global Manager scales to large topologies because it maintains a high-level, abstract representation of the topology. The detailed topology information — and therefore the bulk of the data — is kept in other VMware Smart Assurance applications. When needed, the Global Manager retrieves detailed information from the underlying domains.

    The Global Manager can attach to multiple, distributed VMware Smart Assurance applications as well as other Global Managers. It can also be integrated with third-party applications from which it can receive topology and event information, and to which it can send event information or initiate corrective actions.

    The Global Manager, in conjunction with Report Manager, sorts and stores event-related information in an ODBC-compliant database from which users can produce a variety of management, operations, and business impact reports.