A Notification List determines the events that are forwarded to a given client. Essentially, the list filters the notifications that are sent from the Global Manager to a client. Additionally, the list, which is configured by the VMware Smart Assurance administrator, can be assigned to one or more user profiles. The personnel assigned to a specified list only see the set of events defined by the list.

The lists could be used to organize, for example:

  • Business units

  • Geographical regions

  • Groups of resources

    During day-to-day operations, operations personnel use the Global Console to monitor and manage their areas of responsibility. In doing so, personnel see only the subset of notifications defined for them in the Notification List.

    VMware Smart Assurance adapters can also connect to a Notification List, and receive the notifications that match the conditions specified in the list.

    The VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Configuration Guide contains information about Notification Lists.