The ECI object is responsible for creating the unpublished notification that will be processed by the NCI thread for further processing. The primary keys for NCI matching are the instance ClassName and EventName, both of which are determined in the ECI.

Naming of the ECI is independent of the naming of the notification created by the ECI but consistency is important to avoid confusion. For example, ECI-EventABC could create a notification with an event named EventXYZ. Although this is possible, it is not desirable because the connection between an ECI and an NCI will not be apparent. Avoid inconsistent translations of event names to notification names.

A feature of the NCI name matching allows for the use of a wildcard at the end of the event name, for example: Down-on-port-*. It is important to construct the notification event name such that variables are placed at the end of the event name string. Down-on-port-5 may use the above event name in the NCI for a match whereas Port-5-Down does not facilitate an NCI wild carding match.