The Global Console is usually defined by one default view, console-specific toolbar buttons, and menus. However, the Global Console can consist of multiple views. The following console views are available: Notification Log, Map, Topology Browser, Summary, Status Table, Notification Properties, and Containment.

You can customize a console to display multiple views. For example, you can add a Topology Browser view to your Notification Log Console. Or, you can add three Notification Log views to a console; each view using a filter for specific notifications. Or, you can customize a Notification Log view and copy it in order to provide a consistent display and minimize your customization effort.


The following types of views, Notification Log, Topology Browser, Summary, Status Table, Notification Properties, and Containment, can be added, copied, or deleted in consoles. In the Map Console, the default Map view cannot be added, copied, or deleted. Also, a Map view cannot be added to a console. Unlike other types of consoles, there can only be one Map Console.

“Availability of Dashboard viewletsâ€� on page 22 includes additional information about which views are available through the Global Console, Web Console, Business Dashboard, and third-party Web Portal products.