Notifications are constantly being updated in your console by default. If you want to control how often notifications are updated, you can specify a time interval for scheduled updates.

You should consider the following before you specify a time interval:

  • You should balance the update period between timely updates and the processing resources required to continually update the Notification Log Console. Check with your system administrator about an appropriate setting.

  • Simultaneous displays of notifications might be inconsistent. If you specify a time interval for scheduled updates, users’ actions, including your own, that occur during the interval are not updated in the display until after the interval. For example, you might acknowledge a notification that another user has already acknowledged. If this is a concern, use the time interval feature (the Update Every field) sparingly.

    To specify an interval for scheduled updates:

    1. Select Log > Log Properties . Or, right-click in the area near the view title and select Log Properties in the shortcut menu. The Log Properties dialog box displays.

    2. Clear the Update Continuously checkbox and specify the time in the Update Every field.

    3. Click OK .