To attach to an Manager:

  1. Select Manager > Attach. This displays the Attach Manager dialog box.

  2. The last attached Manager appears in the Manager menu. If you want to reattach, accept the value. Or, click the Manager list box or the Browse button to select another Manager.


    If the specified broker is a secure broker, when you click the Manager list box or the Browse button, you might be prompted to supply your VMware Smart Assurance username and password, depending upon the security configuration. Click OK and then select a Manager from the displayed list.

  3. Type your password in the Password field.

    You do not need to change the values for the Broker field or the Username field.

    If you want to specify a different login ID, you can change the values for the User name and Password fields.

  4. Click OK.

    To close the dialog box without attaching to a Manager, click Cancel.

    The name of Manager is listed in the Manager list box. If you are using the Summary View Console, the Global Manager’s name is listed at the bottom of a summary after it is added to the view.