The topology filter enables you to control which classes and specific instances appear in the Topology Browser. You can specify a filter for each attached Manager and create a general filter for attached Managers that are not assigned filters. Filter criteria are saved if you save your consoles.

To specify filtering criteria:

  1. Right-click in the topology tree panel.

  2. In the shortcut menu, select Select to display the Select tree content dialog box.

  3. In the Select tree content dialog box, you can:

    • Select All attached domains to apply the filter to all attached Managers.

      • Select Current domain to apply the filter to the selected Manager.

      • Display all the classes including classes without instances. Select the Show classes with no instances checkbox.

      • Display one or more specific classes. Select the class. To select multiple classes, press the Ctrl key while making your selections.

      • If you select classes that have instances, you can also select specific instances.

  4. To make your changes take effect, you must click OK.

    To undo filter changes:

  5. Display the Select tree content dialog box.

  6. Clear the Include only selected classes checkbox.

  7. Click OK.


    To make additional changes, right-click and choose Select again. When the tree is expanded, you can select and right-click an instance and select the Make Root menu option. This will refresh the tree to list the selected instance as root. To return the display to the entire tree, right-click in the tree’s background and choose Select again.