The Summary view uses the same filtering mechanism as the Notification Log view except that there is an additional topological filter and a default filter criterion for active events. The default filter criterion for active events ensures that the summary represents only active events. There is one filter per summary. Filter criteria are saved if you save your console.

To customize a summary’s filter criteria, use the Filter Builder dialog box, which is accessed by right-clicking the area near the summary title and selecting Filter in the shortcut menu.

A topological filter enables you to limit the display of notifications for all of the members of a specified collection object. A collection object can be a service offering, service subscriber, or any group created by your administrator.

If a topological filter is not specified, the total count indicates the number of affected elements for the entire topology and disables the Show Map toolbar button for a given summary.

In addition, you can apply filters from the Filter Builder dialog box that control which notifications might appear in the summaries. “Filtering notifications” on page 72 includes additional information.

Use one of the following methods to open the Filter Builder dialog box:

  • In the Summary View Console, click a summary and select Summary > Filter.

  • Right-click in the area near the summary title and select Filter in the shortcut menu.