To display detailed diagnostic information, you can:

  • Double-click a node or group icon with a severity bar to display the Notification Properties dialog box. Or, right-click and select Notification Properties in the shortcut menu. “Displaying notification properties” on page 62 includes information about the Notification Properties dialog box.

    If more than one notification affects the icon, you are prompted to select one. “A map consideration” on page 67 contains additional information.


    Double-clicking a normal node (severity bar not displayed or green) displays the Containment dialog box if component information is available. “Using the Containment dialog box” on page 81 contains additional information.

  • Right-click a selected edge (solid line or jagged line) in a Physical Connectivity, IP Network Connectivity, or VLAN Connectivity map. The shortcut menu lists NotificationProperties and the Browse option for the Topology Browser.

  • Right-click a selected node, select the Browse option, and view the colored events in the Events tab.