To sort notifications by multiple columns:

  1. Select Log > Sort Columns. Or, right-click in the area near the view title and select Sort Columns in the shortcut menu. The Column Sort Order dialog box displays.

  2. Select the columns from the list boxes. Select Descending for a descending sort order; Ascending is the default.

    If you already used Click Sort, your choice appears in the dialog box. You can also specify a Click Sort column. If you clear the Enabled checkbox, Click Sort is disabled until the next time you click a column title or select the Enabled checkbox.

    The primary sort field is the Click Sort column or, if no Click Sort column is specified, the first field that you specify in the dialog box.

    If you need to reset your selections, click Reset.

  3. Click OK to apply your changes.


    Except for the Click Sort selection, sorting, as determined by the selected columns in the Column Sort Order dialog box, is retained if you save a console.