The Status Table Console displays a grid comprised of the following:

  • Primary Class (y-axis) — Selection from a group of collection objects (ServiceOffering, ServiceSubscriber, or any group created by your administrator).

  • Secondary Class (x-axis) — Selection from the group of corresponding instances of the Primary Class.

    For example, if primary class, Customer, and secondary class, ServiceOffering is selected the Status Table view can show the instances and notification status of the various service offerings available to each customer.

    For each point on the grid where an instance of the Secondary Class is located on a Primary Class row, the table displays the severity icon for the corresponding infrastructure element with the highest severity status, including the status, Normal. If there is no severity icon, there is no instance of that element for that class.

    From the Status Table, you can obtain detailed information about the element by right-clicking its icon.


    Client and server tools can be invoked from an instance node displayed in the Status Table.